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Real Estate


Residential-Multi-family Complexes                                      Click here visit the UMW Apartments webpage

The UMW Foundation owns two apartment complexes adjacent to the UMW campus.  They include the UMW Apartments, located at the corner of William Street and College Avenue and Eagle Landing, located in Eagle Village.  Together, these two complexes provide 350,000 sf of housing for UMW and account for nearly one-third of the University’s beds.   


      The UMW Apartments -  Purchased by the Foundation in 2002, these

       traditional, garden-style apartments offer spacious 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom

       units with full kitchens and private patios or balconies. This 125-unit

       complex is composed of 10 buildings that are spread over six acres

       of land and house approximately 350 UMW students.     


Eagle Landing - Designed by the University and constructed/owned by

the Foundation, this premium student housing project opened to

students in the fall of 2010 as the first phase of the redevelopment of

Eagle Village. Eagle Landing offers upscale 2-bedroom apartments with

private bathrooms, a living room, and an eat-in kitchen with granite

countertops and stainless appliances. This 155-unit complex comprises 

one five-story building and houses approximately 620 UMW students.

Residential-Single Family

At any given time, the UMW Foundation normally owns a small portfolio of single family homes both inside and outside of Fredericksburg, with some of the properties located out-of-state.  Properties near any of UMW’s three campuses are often purchased for future land needs or for temporary office or faculty/staff housing.  Properties held by the Foundation outside of the region are often gifted properties that are to be sold with the proceeds designated by the donor for a special project or purpose.

Commercial Portfolio-Retail

The UMW Foundation is one of the largest owner/operators of commercial retail properties in the Fredericksburg region.  The Foundation’s flagship retail development is called Eagle Village, which is conveniently located within the city along US Route 1.  The Foundation also owns the Pizza Hut property on the opposite side of route 1. Together, these two complexes provide 170,000 sf of retail space for the surrounding community and the University. 


Eagle Village - In 2007, the UMW Foundation purchased a failing 1960’s-era strip mall called Park-N-Shop.  In 2009 and 2010 the Foundation purchased two adjacent parcels, the Twi-Lite Motel and the Rodger Dodger Shopping Center respectively.  Today, the three parcels are known as Eagle Village, which is a 23-acre mixed-use development of commercial retail and office space, apartment housing, and a Hyatt Place hotel.  The complex features over 40 stores and restaurants within 160,000 sf of both newly developed and rehabilitated retail space.


Pizza Hut Center - In 2010, the UMW Foundation purchased the Pizza Hut

complex located across Route 1 from Eagle Village and adjacent to the

UMW campus.  The restaurant underwent a complete re-build in 2015-16

and is operated by a franchisee in Kansas City, Missouri. The Foundation

leases most of the property to the University, which utilizes it for

faculty/student surface parking.      

Commercial Portfolio-Office

The UMW Foundation owns two office buildings adjacent to the UMW campus. They include a small 5,000 sf office building on William Street, which the Foundation purchased in 2008, and the Executive Offices at Eagle Village, a class-A office building that the Foundation designed, built, and opened to tenants in 2010.  The Executive Offices building offers over 32,000 sf of leased space for both local corporations and businesses as well as university-related offices.   

Commercial Portfolio-Warehouse

In 2013 the UMW Foundation purchased the former Hostess Brands Warehouse, which is located adjacent to Eagle Village  Although it is only an acre in size, the property has over 14,000 sf of useable space, which the University utilizes for its storage and warehousing needs. 

Commercial Portfolio-Hospitality                                                        Click here to visit the Hyatt Place page

Based on favorable market studies and the needs of the University, the UMW Foundation purchased a hotel franchise from Hyatt Hotels and Resorts in 2012 and commenced with the design and construction of the Hyatt Place Fredericksburg at Mary Washington.  In January 2014, the Foundation opened the 65,000 sf hotel, which features 93 rooms and suites, 1,500 sf of meeting space, spacious social areas/bar, 24-hour food and beverage service, a fitness center and an indoor swimming pool.  The hotel is located within the heart of Eagle Village and provides direct access to both Mary Washington Hospital via a connecting pedestrian and vehicular road and to the UMW campus via a pedestrian bridge over US Route 1.  

Parking Portfolio- Garage and Surface

The UMW Foundation owns over 1,800 parking spaces, which are used by various constituencies from commercial retail and office customers to UMW staff, faculty and students.  Included in the portfolio is a 192,000 sf, 540-space, five-story parking deck in Eagle Village, which provides approximately 400 secured spaces to residents of Eagle Landing and the balance to tenants of the Executive Offices at Eagle Village.

Land Bank Portfolio - Farms, Waterfront & Woodlands

In addition to all of its real estate holdings within the City of Fredericksburg, the UMW Foundation also owns nearly 600 acres of undeveloped land in nearby Stafford County, Virginia. These parcels include a waterfront farm along the Rappahannock River, a bird sanctuary, and approximately 500 acres of land strategically located adjacent to UMW’s Stafford Campus along the fast-growing US Route 17 corridor.  The Foundation conducts farming and timber operations on these properties, which are all open to UMW students and faculty for recreation and academic study.

Development Portfolio- Construction Projects

When requested by the University, The UMW Foundation will occasionally serve as the project manager and financier for special construction projects.  One of these projects was the 110,000 sf University Center on the UMW campus.  This $58 million project was completed on time and was opened to students in the fall of 2015.

Sales and Acquisitions Portfolio

The UMW Foundation is the depository and steward for gifts of real estate that are donated to the University.  Typically, it is more advantageous for a donor to deed gifts of real property to the UMW Foundation and rely upon the Foundation to market the property and finalize the sale.  The Foundation then ensures that the proceeds from the sale are utilized for the donor’s designated purpose, such as a scholarship endowment, special campus project, etc.  The Foundation engages qualified real estate brokers and professionals to care for the property while the parcel is marketed for sale.  

Academic Portfolio

The UMW Foundation owns several academic facilities used by the University.  They include the 9,000 sf Writing and Debate Center located at 1201 William Street and the 35-acre Eagle Lake Outpost in Stafford County.  The Eagle Lake Outpost includes a small lake with a dock for fishing and boating, and also boasts four dry cabins for academic use and overnight accommodations.  This property is part of the larger 215-acre Stafford West tract, which is attractive for camping, hiking and various academic pursuits.

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